IOM Belize signed an agreement with The Ministry of Immigration to support the Department of Nationality and Passport Services with a document digitization exercise through the Western Hemisphere Program.

According to Dr Gilroy Middleton, CEO of Immigration, “This strategic partnership with IOM is line with the Ministry’s vision of becoming a modern and proficient immigration organization which contributes to the sustainable development of Belize by providing world class protection and travel facilitation services”


Just about everyone has complained at some time or another about the lengthy wait for replacement passports or nationality certificates. Well, there may be some relief in sight. The International Organization for Migration has signed an agreement to provide digital support to the Department of Nationality and Passports Records Management Unit.

This should help upgrade the current system which dates back to the 1970s and expedite the replacement of lost, mutilated, or damaged, permanent residency and nationality certificates. This will not only help Belizeans, but also immigrants since by law they must obtain permanent residency before they can become citizens. The I.O.M. has signed a similar agreement with the Ministry of Human Development, Families, and Indigenous Peoples’ Affairs to support the Anti-Trafficking in Persons Council.

The plan is to retool their case management software, FAMCare, to include a trafficking in persons case management and data collection module. According to the Ministry of Human Development, they have been investing heavily to create timely and secure online systems for case workers, supervisors and managers.

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