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The Ministry of Tourism and Diaspora Relations (MTDR) continues to work towards accelerating recovery and enhancing resilience as the country progresses towards a post- COVID reality. As a result, the MTDR has launched two programs: "The Belize COVID-19 Tourism Dashboard Framework" and "The Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit for Tourism Businesses". Both these tools are possible due to a collaboration between the MTDR, the Belize Tourism Board (BTB), industry partners, and the George Washington University Graduate Program in Washington, D.C., U.S.A.


The Belize COVID-19 Tourism Dashboard Framework:

This online dashboard was developed to provide up-to-date data indicators for the tourism sector from the Ministry of Tourism & Diaspora Relations, BTB, and other third-party sources.

The data indicators will provide updates on the following key areas:

1. Public Health & Safety Updates

2. Economic Impact on Tourism Sector

3. Recovery Indicators and Best Practices for Re-opening

The Belize COVID-19 Digital Toolkit for Tourism Businesses

The digital toolkit aims to provide information and resources to small and medium-sized tourism businesses which can be used to update and improve their online presence considering the changes caused by the pandemic.

The Digital Toolkit comprises of five topics which are:

1. Content & Messaging: Three primary recommendations are offered for messaging - utility, community, and inspiration. Content ideas are provided.

2. Website Best Practices: Suggestions for optimizing website content in light of COVID-19 are provided.

3. Social Media Best Practices: Strategies for making the most of social media channels, namely Instagram and Facebook, are discussed.

4. Online Business Listings: This section contains instructions and tips on updating third- party business listings to improve the quality and visibility of proles.

5. Digital Technologies: The toolkit focuses specifically on low-cost digital technologies that can be adapted by tourism businesses.

Tourism businesses can access both the COVID-19 Dashboard & Digital Toolkit Videos on the Ministry's website. Visit: https://tourism.gov.bz/covidresources/ for more information.