Tensions rose today when a social media post by a social media news outlet announced that 100 BTL employees received their letters of termination today. The post went on to say a total of 200 employees were on the chopping block.

When we asked the BTL chairman, Mark Lizarraga, about these allegations, he said they were "absolutely not true." He then went on to explain that the contracts for about twenty workers are nearing expiration and as such their term of employment would come to an end.

A release from BTL condemned the Facebook post and explained that as part of its normal operations, the company annually reviews its relationships with contracted employees. They added that they have been impacted by the pandemic just as every other business, resulting in structural overcapacity as well as the reductions in business operations. That led the company to inform the 20 employees that their contracts, expiring March 31, will come to a natural end.

The release from BTL also stated that in February, they announced a voluntary early retirement incentive plan that provides both staff and management to choose early retirement as an option. They would receive their retirement benefits if they qualify.

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