Belize's Public Transportation System targeted for a much-needed overhaul. It's called the Public Transportation Reform Project, a revamping that comes through Technical Cooperation with the InterAmerican Development Bank (IDB) and the Government of South Korea.

It's a project with a focus on capacity building and one that will build upon the recommendations outlined in 2017's Comprehensive National Transportation Master Plan, which was also funded by the IDB.

But this time around the Reform Project will have several major components, including but not limited to: a legal and policy review of the public transportation system, a bus routing, scheduling and ticketing system, and public campaigns to educate users on both the national level and day-to-day use.

The project will be led by the two new members of the newly established Transport Planning Unit, Mr. Eric Sanchez, transport planner, and Ms. Trudy Joseph, the administrative and procurement officer.

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