The Belize Progressive Party hereby cautions that the GOVERNMENT most NOT proceed with any plans or commitment to CUT the SALARIES of TEACHERS or PUBLIC OFFICERS as a first response to the difficult FINANCIAL POSITION of the GOVERNMENT. The BPP advises that the GOVERNMENT has been ELECTED on a popular mandate to SOLVE the ills of the NATION which includes mending the financial woes of the GOVERNMENT COFFERS.

The Belize Progressive Party observes that the GOVERNMENT must be visionary, creative, inclusive and most of all EXEMPLARY in proceeding from rhetoric to reality in its mantra that SACRIFICES will need to be made by ALL. In this regard the BPP propose the following:

  • Reducing the Cabinet from 17 to 9 Ministers
  • Doing away with the position of Deputy Ministers
  • Discontinue the appointment of Party-friendly Elected Members of Parliament to Politically Appointed Positions in Government
  • Redouble the collection of Sales Tax by stemming leakages in the system
  • Re-Negotiate the Super Bond in an effort to ameliorate difficult payment schedules
  • Contain inflation on staple and vital consumer goods
  • Re-double enforcement to dissuade price-gouging by merchants
  • Delay, defer and/or suspend the payment of exorbitant litigation penalties by GOB
  • Suspend the recruitment of 200+ Police Officer
  • Reduce diplomatic missions to essential destinations, reduce non-essential staff and delay posting of diplomats
  • Define and implement post haste cost saving measures in regard to short-, medium-, and long-term responses
  • Generate a definitive and comprehensive Strategic Plan to deal with the crisis going forward within the next 2 weeks
  • Enhance COVID Vaccination initiatives to enable revitalization of the economy
  • Adopt a more inclusive approach to public consultation and recruitment to institutions attending said financial crisis
  • Amend the Lass, so that lending institutions to dissuade foreclosures