Vaccine, Easy As 1-2�7?

Teachers are newly eligible for the COVID 19 vaccine. Government is dipping into one portion of vaccine rollout Phase 2 earlier than expected.

It wasn't due until mid-April, but the Ministry of Health And Wellness says that a low turnout of the elderly has prompted them to look at fast-tracking and heavily promoting phase 2.

It was an exciting prospect for us here at Channel 7 because eligibility for teachers also means eligibility for the media, at least that's what the PM promised at the start of the month.

It's a promise we tested out this morning when we took a large portion of our staff to be vaccinated. Cherisse Halsall was one of the first to get the jab and this afternoon she returned to Swift Hall to document the process for her colleagues. Here's that story:

So far - up to yesterday - 11,943 doses of the vaccine had been administered in Belize - which is 3% of the population. For a comparison, Barbados which leads the region and has almost the same population of Belize has vaccinated 53,129 people which is 20% of their population

Again, Phase one of the vaccine rollouts encompasses health care workers and those over 60 or with underlying conditions such as Aids, Diabetes, or renal failure.

Phase two includes teachers, police officers, national assembly and judiciary, customs and immigration, as well as those in the tourism sector.

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Belize Vaccination Rollout Plan

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Island teachers 50+ years now eligible for COVID-19 vaccine; remaining people ages 60+ urged to get the jab

On Wednesday, March 17th, The San Pedro Sun was informed that teachers on the island 50 years and older will now start receiving the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19. Simultaneously, persons ages 60+ who have not registered are urged to do so. People are asked to check on their neighbours and assist them if necessary to register. Registration can be done by clicking

Medical personnel at the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II added that police officers can now start registering online through the google form to be next in line for the vaccine.

As the vaccine rollout progresses, the following groups in line to be administered the injection are as shown above.

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Notice: Covid-19 Vaccinations are Free

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