On Monday, March 15, 2021 the Ministry of Rural Transformation, Community Development, Labour and Local Government hosted the inauguration ceremony for the Bullet Tree Falls Water System.

For years now Bullet Tree villagers received water directly from the river, with no prior treatment and using electric pumps to do so. Now thanks to a $400,000 funding contribution from PACT, the expansion and reinforcement of the villageís water system will provide safe, potable water from the Mopan River, which is ultimately fed by the Chiquibul Forest. They are also utilizing enhanced Green Infrastructure Technology to do so. The new water system is mostly powered by solar energy supporting a low-wastage treatment process.

Not only will residents of Bullet Tree be provided a consistent supply of clean water for consumption and home use, but the villageís water board will be able to affordably distribute water to more homes.

This project was financed under the Trustís Climate Finance portfolio advancing its mandate to explore and expand Green Infrastructure and Technology. If this system proves effective, the hope is that it can be duplicated elsewhere, thereby improving the lives of Belizeans while also promoting the sustainability of our protected areas and the ecosystem services they provide.

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