The Central American L.P.G. companies of BWEL, Zeta Gas and Gas Tomza say that they have to ration out L.P.G. to supply the local market. According to the three companies, they have been getting inconsistent supply from the National Gas Company and they have been unable to meet the demands of the local market. Here’s how their spokesperson puts it:

Jose Sanchez, Communications Consultant, Tomza Gas, ZETA  & BWEL

“There has been an inconsistent supply of LPG – liquid petroleum gas – to Gas Tomza, BWEL and Zeta Gas. As far back as late February, BWEL has made contacts with the monopoly supplier the National Gas Company of Belize regarding shipments and they have been inconsistent. The same has happened with Gas Tomza –so Gas Tomza has written to them because their supply has dwindled to a drastic measure. Initially, they have reduced the stock from one hundred percent that they would initially get from the regular supply from the bowsers down to 70 percent and it is possibly going to be less. To be able to furnish the market, people at home they are now going to ration fuel for what they sell to customers to be able to reach an entire market and that is a problem and all three companies are facing the same issue as it relates to the supply. They are unable to get a reason from NGCL as to why the supply has dwindled.”

NGC says there is no shortage of LPG!

This evening News Five reached out to the National Gas Company for comment on the issue. Their spokesperson Daniel Gutierrez says that there is no shortage of supply of L.P.G. He says that they have been fulfilling their loads according to schedule for all their distributors. Here’s how he explains it:

Via Phone: Daniel Gutierrez, Spokesperson, NGCL

“Every load of gas that has been sought by Belize’s thirty-plus intermediaries and distributors has been met since NGC started operations in May. In fact, Andrea, this morning a couple of loads went out to NGCs distributor clients. Like I said, there are thirty distributors and these three are only three of those thirty plus and not only have those loads been met this morning but all of the loads for the week that were scheduled will be met. So, there is no such thing as a shortage of gas. In fact, I will go even further and say to you that a tanker with over a million gallons of LPG is docking at the port of Big Creek tonight. So, no man, that is not the case. Belize is never out of gas. We are meeting what the country needs.”

Andrea Polanco

‘Was there any point where they wanted a certain of amount to supply the market and NGC couldn’t come up with it immediately at that point?”

Daniel Gutierrez

“…if for some reason you may …then you will not be loaded but other than that NGC has loaded its clients…ample supply of LPG.”

Andrea Polanco

“So, just to conclude, the NGC denies these claims put out there?”

Daniel Gutierrez

“NGC can say categorically that all the loads scheduled for this week shall be met.”

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