Being a fisher is a very Belizean way of life. This is pretty much how many of our ancestors for years foraged for food from our bounteous sea, and how many sustained their family with commercial catch.

My motherís people fished from Bacalar Chico. Lobster was trash fish when she was a child, and chimole was made from lobster if you were poor, she said, and you didnít have an old hen to spare, because laying hens couldnít be spared - and were of more value than lobster.

Chechak was another staple - delicious bonefish stew, which was better than any meatballs youíve ever tasted. And the smoked lisa? Heaven on a comal, when toasted with lime.

This is of the now, but it speaks to our past as well. Other Caribbean countries that were plantation economies had a past that was not the same as our own Jewel.

To watch is to know, is to understand. And kudos to Louis Wade for an excellent and must watch documentary.

Lisa M. Shoman

Follow Six Belizean Fisherfolk from different parts of the country as they seek out their livelihood. They dive for conch and lobster, spear fin fish and conduct deep sea fishing. Produced by Belize Federation of Fishers.