As you know quarantine regulations currently in place since March third restrict the opening of bars, nightclubs and casinos. There is also a curfew from ten p.m. and five a.m. for the entire country. That statutory instrument expires in the middle of the Easter weekend on Saturday April third. So we asked Minister Musa if the restrictions will be extended or eased. He says any adjustment to the quarantine regulations will occur after the Easter holidays and only if COVID numbers continue on a downward trend.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs
“As we go into Easter, I want to encourage all Belizeans, there is nothing wrong with seeing your country, visiting the beautiful places we have in this country, but we must do so in a very responsible manner. And so we have to resist temptations. So if you are invited over by a friend to come over to a house and you know they are having a party, I am not telling you to snitch and call 0-800-PARTIES, you know. I am just saying resist the temptations, stay within your pod with your family and you can have an enjoyable Easter.”

Duane Moody
“So the S.I. is going to be extended?”

Kareem Musa
“What we are looking at Duane is the fact that over the Easter it could get out of control and so I don’t want to give any false hope that we will be adjusting the curfew at that point. But certainly, if by mid-April we see the continued progress – again attributable to the Belizean people being responsible – we can by mid-April see an adjustment in that curfew.”

Channel 5