Belize remains in phase one of its vaccination rollout program. As we've told you phase one is meant to target healthcare workers, the elderly, and those with underlying conditions.

But while the Ministry has had great success with healthcare workers - vaccinating 64% of them and counting - they've struggled to achieve similar numbers among the elderly, vaccinating just 33.6% of that target group or administering 8,400 initial doses.

It's a figure that the Ministry is desperately seeking to increase by reaching out to members of the media today to spread the word. We asked the Technical adviser, Dr. Natalia Beer, why the numbers are so low for the over 60 population. She cited a lack of transportation as well as a situation of elders caring for elders.

Dr. Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor, Maternal and Child Health, MOHW
"There are several factors, we did rapid assessment in one community and access of transportation is an issue, not having someone who really cares for them to come out and elders caring for elders is another issue that we found. The negative information has been spread that is creating unnecessary fear in the target population. We are moving now to rural settings, so we are asking the support from the village councils, from the district association of village councils, the community health workers, relatives, the elders, the religious organizations at community level. It's a community response and if an elder doesn't have access to the information and is only being fed misinformation, someone needs to carry the information to them, for them to get protected. It's not fair for an elder to be exposed to covid19 when covid19 is now a vaccine preventable disease."

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