We are excited to introduce "My Social Security Self-Service Portal"
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Social Security Board Introduces My Social Security Self-Service Portal

The Social Security Board is excited to announce the launch of our new online service, My Social Security Self-Service Portal. My Social Security is a free, easy-to-use platform transforming the way customers interact with Social Security. The first phase of My Social Security allows customers to update their registration record and to apply online for a new or replacement card, anytime, anywhere.

The future of My Social Security includes improvements for Employers and Self-Employed Persons to access online payments and Contribution History. We continue to work diligently in enhancing the overall online experience, as well as to ensure personal information remains confidential and secure.

My Social Security affirms the Board's commitment to improving service delivery and customer experience. Take control with My Social Security and truly experience Social Security at your fingertips!

Social Security Board Rolls Out New Self-Service Portal

The Social Security Board is introducing My Social Security Self-service Portal for customers who are insured with S.S.B.   This morning, General Manager for Corporate Customer Service, Chandra Nisbet-Cansino explained the purpose of the application and how its ease of access will make things a lot simpler for those who want to follow their contributions online.

Chandra Nisbet-Cansino, GM, Social Security Board

“The process that we are launching today is for asking persons who are insured with social security or who have a social security number, as well as those who don’t, to log on to the portal and sign up.  What the portal is, I try to liken it to your little Facebook page for social, between you and social security where all of your information will eventually become available.  At this time there is nothing there, at this time it will be only for card renewals and registration.  In the next couple months we will then add your contributions, all of that data is being transferred and you will then be able to see your contribution history and then going forward you will then be able to claim for benefits.”

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