Councilor Marina Kay and The San Pedro Town Council would like to invite you to participate in a FREE online Mandarin (Chinese) language course.

This programís mission is to improve the competency of residents of San Pedro. The town council acknowledges the importance of higher education, and in an effort to create opportunities on the island, it has collaborated with a prestige institution in Taiwan, Feng Chia University, to provide a six-month Mandarin (Chinese) language course.

Currently, there are hundreds of Belizeans pursuing higher education in Taiwan in various fields under the Taiwan Scholarship and a language certificate would increase your acceptance opportunity.

A six-month language course (original cost roughly BZD $1,000) is being offered FREE of Cost! Application is currently open for preferably but not limited to students of High School or Junior College. Just fill in the application, and weíll contact you for your confirmation!

Contact Councilor Marina Kay for further information at 627-8868 or email program organizers at mandarin [email protected]

Application Deadline: April 6th 2021

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