On Tuesday, Cabinet supported the call from the Minister of Home Affairs and New Growth industries for adherence to all safety measures over the Easter weekend and endorsed the “Easter Safety Three W’s Campaign to wash hands, wear your mask and watch your distance.” Home Affairs Minister Kareem Musa added that restaurants and bars are still only allowed fifty percent of their capacity.  Notwithstanding the fact that visitors will be booking hotels and other private accommodations, social events are still not permitted.

Kareem Musa, Minister of Home Affairs

“The regulation as it relates to hosting of events, let me make this very clear that still applies.  So even if you are on a private compound at a hotel that does not mean that you can have a party on the hotel grounds.  It does not mean that you can have a party in your room, none of that.  So if we get any reports of any parties or gatherings taking place, the police will definitely move into action and charge those responsible for hosting the events and those attending the events.  And so, that is one of the very crucial areas that I want to remind Belizeans of, that it is still unlawful for you to host any event. What you can do is have fifty percent seating capacity for your restaurant, anything beyond that is unlawful.  So it’s a very important reminder and that is not one of these ticketable offenses that results in a five hundred dollar fine.  In this instance, the hosting of events, you are actually going to be charged five thousand dollars and also you will have to be detained.”

Musa also stressed that to keep control of COVID-19 numbers, tourists arriving at the P.G.I.A. will still be subjected to random testing, even if they present proof of vaccination.

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