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Press Release:

Hol Chan Marine Reserve along with the Ministry of Blue Economy hereby informs the general public that its working with a few motorized water sports companies commencing this Easter-Weekend on a trial basis for a period of 2 weeks. Therefore, these Companies will be allowed to operate in the western portion of the Reserve, but they must adhere to the following stipulations:

Motorized Water Crafts must be registered with the Reserve.
Companies must adhere to the safety procedures when approaching and leaving the beach; by using a clearly demarcated launching area.
Motorized Water Craft are to avoid all shallow areas near all islands and avoid users engaged in other activities such as fly-fishing.
Companies must ensure that all Motorized Water Crafts users are accompanied and monitored closely.

We ask all users to respect the rules of Hol Chan Marine Reserve and practice safety measures when operating these. We also ask all swimmers to avoid and respect the operating zone of these Motorized Water Crafts.