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Also Important

Pre-Columbian Civilization

15000 -7000 BC
During the Paleo-Indian Period, humans traversed the America's as hunters and gathers. Fossil remains show that the giant-sloth was hunted in Belize.

7000-2500 BC
During the Archaic Period, humans in Mesoamerica continue to thrive as hunters and gatherers and make advancements in plant domestication.

1000 BC - 250AD
During the Pre-Classic, the Maya emerge as a distinct and shared culture. They establish early settlements and developed agriculture.

250 - 900 AD
During the Classic Period, the Maya achieved significant milestones in the areas of engineering, mathematics, astronomy, arts, agriculture and in main-land and maritime trade.

900 - 1492 AD
During the Post-Classic, the Maya civilization experienced a decline in city-states and the population declines. At the time of colonial contact, the Maya resided in three heavily populated areas of Belize: Chactemal, Dzuluinicob, and Manche Chol.


Colon 4th voyage is along the coastline of Honduras and Belize

Vicente Yafiez Pinzon and Juan Diaz de Solis sail along the coast of Belize

Guerrero, Jeronimo de Aguilar and others are shipwrecked off the coast of Yucatan

Missionaries establish a Christian church at Lamanai

Franciscan priests carry out Visita missions in Belize


English pirates, buccaneers and merchants sailed off the coast of Belize

The English captured Jamaica from the Spanish. Capt. Francisco Perez carried out a census of Maya residing near Tipu in Western Belize

Treaty of Madrid

Pirate Bartholomew Sharpe and other Englishmen capture Dominican Fray Joseph Delgado. Sharpe was operating out of St. George's Caye.

St. George's Caye continues to be settled


The English Crown granted the Asiento, a licence to trade enslaved people

Record of enslaved Africans in Belize

Burnaby's Code (first written constitution) is signed on St. George's Caye First recorded uprising by enslaved people

Uprising by enslaved people

Uprising by enslaved people

St. George's Caye captured by Spaniard; settlers are imprisoned in Merida and Cuba

Treaty of Versailles signed giving formal recognition to extract logwood between Belize River and Rio Hondo.

The Settlement at the mouth of the Belize River becomes the de facto capital. Convention of London is signed. Mosquito Shore evacuees arrive in Belize

Public Meeting is held on 1 June to decide on whether to stay or evacuate the Belize Settlement in face of impending Spanish invasion

Yarborough Cemetery is opened

Fortifications are established at the mouth of the Belize River; Newton Barracks established.

Battle of St. George's Caye


Garinagu arrive in Belize

Abolition of the Slave Trade Act passed on 25 March; the trade becomes illegal throughout the British Empire

Fort George was established on an islet off the coast of Belize

First recorded major fire in Belize Town

St. John's Cathedral construction begins; consecrated in 1826

Government House is built 1816 Honduras Free School is inaugurated 1818 Supreme Court is built 1819 First bridge is built (later replaced by Swing Bridge) Eboe Town area reserved for persons of the Eboe (Igbo) tribe

Public Hospital opens in New North Town between Eve Street and the sea. Last recorded revolt of the enslaved led by Will and Sharper; Martial Law is declared.

Wesley Church opens; later destroyed in 1863

Enslaved persons are emancipated (freed) in all British colonies at midnight 31 July

Old Market constructed at the foot of the Swing Bridge (now Commercial Center)

US Consulate to Belize opens on 12 February at the former residence of P.W. Shufeldt. Caste War Refugees arrive in Belize

St. Mary's Church established; a more permanent structure was completed in 1888

Her Majesty's Prison built; (now Museum of Belize)

Colonial authorities recognize the Alcalde System

Anglo-Guatemala Treaty is signed 1860s East Indians arrive in Belize

Belize (British Honduras) is officially declared a colony

Court House Green (Battlefield Park) is acquired and declared a public space. Scot's Kirk (Presbyterian Church) opens

Arrival of Chinese in Belize

Big Wesley (Church) opens Completion of Haulover and Circular Road (now Princess Margaret Drive)

American Ex-Confederates arrive in Belize 1871 Belize is declared a Crown Colony

Belize is administered by Jamaica (until 1874)

Brodie and Cuthbert store opens on Albert Street

Wesleyan High School (later Wesley College) established at the corner of Albert and South Streets The Vaults are completed by Gustav von Ohlaffen; closed in 1886.

Lord Ridge Cemetery consecrated and opened

St. John's Berchman College established; becomes St. John's College in 1896

Currency used in Belize, the Dollar, is devalued. Constabulary Police riot in Orange Walk Town. Residents of Belize Town also rioted.


Belize City receives electricity and street lights

Mule Park opens

Supreme Court building destroyed by fire on 7 August; Governor Hart Bennett is killed

Ex-servicemen Riot

Marcus Garvey visits Belize

Queen Street Police Station constructed

Belize Stores open (later becomes Paslow Building)

Swing Bridge is opened to the public on 11 April. Final reclamations of Fort George

Supreme Court building reconstructed in the likeness of the building before 1918 fire. Baron Bliss Lighthouse and tomb are constructed.

The Great House is built

Great Depression

Hurricane devastates Belize City on 10 September

Queen Street Baptist Church built following 1931 destruction of original building

Antonio Soberanis leads Labour Movement St. Catherine's Academy opens

Belize Town officially becomes a City

Nationalist (Political) Movement begins

St. John's College relocated to current location on Princess Margaret Drive

Bliss Institute construction begins; opens 1955

Adult Suffrage achieved

Palotti High school founded; main building constructed in 1959

St. Mary's Church reconstructed. Princess Margaret visits Belize

Hurricane Hattie devastates Belize City on 31 October

Presbyterian Church reconstructed following Hurricane Hattie

Webster's Proposal is published

Belmopan is established. Direction of driving is changed from the right side to left side

Name is officially changed to "Belize" on 1 June

Voting age changed from 21 years to 18 years

Riots against the Heads of Agreement. Independence is achieved on 21 September

Isaiah Morter Statue is erected

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These five men were the trailblazers in fighting Colonialism making us an Independent nation. On December 31 1949 the then British government devalued the Belize dollar hence forming the People's Committee which later formed the People's United Party (PUP) September 29 1950 with John Smith becoming its first Leader:

John Smith -May 9 1919-May 15 2012
Leigh Richardson- April 22 1924-October 27 2008
George Price - January 15 1919- September 19 2011
Philip Goldson- July 25 1923- October 3 2001
Nicholas Pollard - March 22 1924- January 21 2003

Samuel Haynes- February 28 1898- 1971 - member of the UN�A and wrote the words to what is our National Anthem he wrote the poem " Land of the Gods" which later change to "Land of the Free"

Thomas Vincent Ramos -September 17 1887-November 13 1955. Although didn't born in Belize he made it his home after lobbying for a National Holiday to celebrate the arrival of the Garinagu to our shores on November 19 1802.The holiday was first celebrated in the Stann Creek District 1941 then Toledo 1943 then countrywide 1977

Antonio Soberanis Gomez -January 14 1897-April 14 1974 founder of the Labour Unemployment Association which led marches in protest for better wages

Isaiah Morter- 1860- April 7 1924 British Honduras first black millionaire an avid supporter like Samuel Haynes of Marcus Garvey UN�A . He left most of his wealth to them he once owned Caye Chapel which mysteriously ended up in Private Ownership after his death

Madam Gwendolyn Lizarraga - July 11 1901-June 9 1975 Belize first female member of the British Honduras Legislative Assembly. She fought for the rights of women and encouraged them to get educated

Julian Armando Cho - April 16 1962- December 1998 great Maya activist who fought for their rights in his honor a High School was names after him in Toledo

Felipe Ricalde - May 1 1920- September 23 1975 great activist was Corozal first Mayor

September 10 1798- Battle of St George's Caye

August 1 1834 - Slavery was abolished in all British territories

July 22 1919 -ExServicemen Riot where British Hondurean returning from war found poverty and was jobless

December 31 1949 The British Government devalued the Belize Dollar thus forming the People's Committee the first resistance to fighting Colonialism

September 29 1950 formation of Belize's first political party People's United Party ((PUP)

1954-Adult Suffrage - gave the right for adult to vote whether status of wealth, ethnicity, income, social status, race

January 1 1964 - Self Government George Price Belize's First Premier

June 1 1973- name change from British Honduras to Belize

September 27 1973 the United Democratic Party (UDP) formed merger of National Independence Party (NIP) led by Philip Goldson People's Development Movement & the Liberal Party

September 21 1981- Belize became an independent nation

December 1984 - George Price & PUP lost its first General Election since Adult Suffrage to the UDP led by Manuel Esquivel

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Posts: 84,395
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Snapshots of Belizean history
Source: Handbook of British Honduras, 1925


Oct. 25th ... Petition presented to the Governor by the inhabitants praying for a telephonic system from Belize to Orange Walk, Corozal, Livingston and intermediate points.


May 9th ... Roger Tuckfield Goldsworthy, C.M.G., appointed Governor.

June 17th ... Public Meeting held at Belize sent Petition to Her Majesty praying for a change in the Constitution of the Legislative Council.

Sept. 1st... Honduras Local Exhibition opened by His Excellency Roger T. Goldsworthy, Esq., C.M.G.

Sept. 5th... Foundation stone of St. John's Public School laid by His Excellency Roger T. Goldsworthy.

Oct. 2nd ... British Honduras detached from Jamaica and made a separate Colony.

Oct. 3rd ... Lieutenant-Governor superseded by a Governor.

Nov. 1st ... Proclamation published at Belize regarding the Colony's detachment from Jamaica.


Oct. 1st ... Registration Births and Deaths Ordinance came into force.

Oct. 8th ... New Police Force, known as Constabulary, formed.

Enlargement of the Belize Prison.

Shore Light at Belize transferred from the flagstaff in front of the Court House to the point of Fort George.


July 16th... Men enrolled at Barbados for Constabulary Force in the Colony. Arrival of first contingent of men for Constabulary Force from Barbados.

Lord's Ridge Cemetery opened for the interment of the dead.

Corozal Market built.

Consecration of St. Catherine's Academy (The Convent) by the Archbishop of New Orleans.

Parcel Post exchange effected between the United Kingdom and British Honduras.


Jan. 21st ... Treaty between Great Britain and the Republic of Honduras

April 25th ... Unofficial members of the Legislative Council lodged written protest against the constantly recurring and uncon-stitutional system of expending large sums of public money without proper authority being first obtained and of applying thereafter to the Legislature to confirm such unauthorized expenditure.


Jan. 19th ... Arrival of Archdeacon F. R. Murray, D.D., in Colony.

Feb. 2nd ... Foundation stone St. Mary's Church laid. Feb.

9th ... The Rt. Rev. Gallahan, Bishop of Louisiana, U.S.A., visited the Colony.

April 10th ... Arrival of second contingent of men for Constabulary Force from Barbados.


Departure of West India Regiment.

Old Police Force disbanded.

George Melville appointed Colonial Secretary.

Dec. 15th ... Consolidated Laws of the Colony came into force.

Parcel Post exchange between the United States of America and the Colony concluded.

Post Offices established at Monkey River, All Pines and San Estevan.


April 1st... Arrival of Revd. Robert Cleghorn, Baptist Missionary, at Belize.

Dec. 14th ... George Melville appointed Assistant Colonial Secretary, British Guiana.

Shore Light established at Punta Gorda and All Pines. Fowler's journey from Garbutt's Fall to Deep River.


Feb. 18th ... Chief Justice of the Colony ceased to be a Member of the Legislative Council.

March 6th ... Public meeting held at Belize to protest (inter alma) against the proposed payment of $29,385.88 to Mr. C. T. Hunter, being amount of damages assessed to be due to him by a Board of Arbitrators appointed to consider his claims against the Government in connection with his contract for the Town Harbour Improvement.

March 10th... The Rt. Rev. C. F. Douet, Asst. Bishop of Jamaica, visited the, Colony.

March 18th... St. Mary's Church (New) consecrated by Bishop Douet- of Jamaica.

April 16th ... Entire body of unofficial Members (Messrs. J. H. Phillips, A. Williamson, B. Fairweather, J. P. Robertson and W.,.S. Marshall), of the Legislature, resigned their seats in consequence of the passing of a resolution by the votes of the Officials and a casting vote of the Governor directing payment of $29,385.88 to Mr. C. T. Hunter.

April 22nd ... Public Meeting at Belize endorsed action taken by the unofficial Members of the Legislative Council relative to Mr. C. T. Hunter's claim.

June 18th ... Another Public Meeting held at which resolutions submitted by the Committee appointed in April last were approved and ordeKed to be forwarded to the Secretary of State.

Sept. 18th ... Baron Sicama reported on the sanitary condition of the town of Belize.

First Ice Factory established at Belize by Henry Gansz on site above the present Powder Magazine and Petroleum Warehouse.

Dec. 14th ... Dispatch received from Lord Knutsford, Secretary of State for the Colonies, bearing date the 28th November, 1890, relative to the political deadlock.


Jan. 19th ... Public Meeting held at Belize at which " The People's Committee " was formed to take such steps as they may consider expedient to further the political interests of the Colony.

Feb. 28th ... Acceptance of resignation of unofficial Members by Mr. Melville, the Administrator, and the appointment of four Officials (H. C. Usher, District Magistrate, Belize ; R. W. Pickwoad, District Magistrate, Corozal B. W. Baber, Colonial Engineer ; and C. H. Eyles, Colonial Surgeon) to be unofficial Members of the Legislature.

Feb. ... Cornelius Alfred Maloney, Esquire, appointed Governor.

March 1st ... The Rev. Henry R. Holmes, consecrated in Barbados Bishop of British Honduras.

March 20th ... The four officials who were appointed as unofficial Members of the Legislative Council were this clay sworn in at a special meeting of the Council.

April 4th ... Census of the population taken.

April 13th ... The Rt. Rev. Henry R. Holmes arrived in the Colony.

June 1st ... Epidemic of smallpox.

July 6th ... The Rt. Rev. Henry R. Holmes, Bishop of British Honduras, died at Belize.

Aug. 8th ... Monkey River declared a town.

Aug. 18th ... Arrival of His Excellency, Governor Maloney, in the Colony.


March 25th ... Meeting of the Legislative Council after a lapse of nearly two years. The day was observed as a Public Holiday.


Jan. 2nd ... Northern District divided into the Corozal and Orange Walk Districts respectively and separate Magistrates appointed.

April 16th ... Consecration of Father Salvatore di Pietro as Vicar Apostolic and Titular Bishop of Eurea, at Belize.

May 17th ... Boundaries of the Northern Districts defined.

June 6th ... Marriage of King George V. to Princess Victoria Mary of Tech.

June 6th ... Severe damage done by storm at Belize and Southern Districts.

Sept. 11th ... Bookbinding done at the Belize Prison is officially announced.

Dec. 13th ... Ferries established at Orange Walk and San Estevan.

Lock-up at Monkey River declared a Prison.


Feb. 2nd ... Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott, Esq., appointed Colonial Secretary.

Oct. 9th ... Change of currency (Ordinance No. 31-94).

Dec. 11th Currency riot at Belize.


Jan. 2 ... Punta Gorda, Toledo District, declared a town.

Feb 15th ... Stann Creek declared a town.

Feb. 16th ... Moho Caye declared a Quarantine Station.

July 19th ... Orange Walk and Stann Creek District Boards formed.

Sept. 2nd ... Wreck of the Northern Mailboat "Freddie M." off Sarteneja in the Corozal Bay when eight persons perished.

Sept. 4th ... Toledo District Board formed.

Dec. 18th ... Public Cemetery established at Gales Point.


Jan. 1st ... Shore light established at Consejo.

Feb. 3rd ... Saint John's Birchman's College (Roman Catholic) officially declared open by His Excellency Sir Alfred Maloney.

Feb. 14th ... Cholera, Yellow Fever and Yarborough Cemeteries wholly closed.

April 16th ... Public Hospital and Dispensary established at Punta Gorda.

Nov. 14th ... Jose Maria Rosado, Esq., appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.


Jan. 27th David Wilson, Esq., appointed Governor of the Colony.

Nov. 11th ... The "Clarion Printing Press" established at Belize. The "Clarion" edited by Mr. P. S. Woods.

Nov. 19th ... Sydney Cuthbert appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

Dec. 27th ... Volunteer Force formed at Belize.

Public Hospital established at Orange Walk.

Diocesan High School for Girls established lied at Belize.


Jan. 27th ... Beattie's Fire on Albert Street, Belize.

Jan. 29th ... Commission appointed to enquire into the circumstances which caused the fire on Albert Street.

April 4th .. F. J. Newton; Esq., appointed Colonial Secretary.

Aug. 23rd ... Death of Bishop Salvatore di Pietro, of the Roman Catholic Church at Belize.

Oct. 5th ... Public Cemetery at Tobacco Caye Range established.

Select School of the Roman Catholic established at Stann Creek.


Jan. 1st Poor House at Belize transferred to Newtown Barracks.

1900 Jan. 20th Pound Yard established on Cemetery Road, Belize.

Feb. 3rd ... Treaty between Great Britain and Honduras ratified.

1901 Jan. 22nd ... Death of Her Majesty Queen Victoria and accession of King Edward VII.

June 21st ... Commission appointed to enquire into the incidence of tax on lands.


Jan. 13th ... P. C. Cork, Esq., appointed Colonial Secretary.

Jan. 21st ... Constabulary Force (established 1886) abolished.

Aug. 9th ... King Edward VII. crowned at Westminster Abbey.

Telephone communication established between Belize and Consejo (Corozal District).


Jan: 14th ... Bank of British Honduras Limited established at Belize.

May 8th ... Departure of His Excellency Sir David Wilson. K.C.M.G., from the Colony.

Dec. 12th ... E. A. H. Schofield, Esq., appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

First motor car imported into the Colony by Mr. H. D. Anderson.


March 15th... A. R. Usher, Esq., appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

April 15th ... E. B. Sweet-Escott, Esq., appointed Governor.

May 5th ... Lighthouse established at Xcalak.

Oct. 4th ... Sir E. B. Sweet-Escott, K.C.M.G., assumed office of Governor.

Oct. 19th ... Cayo and Benque Viejo declared to be towns.

Nov. 30th ... Shore Light established at Manatee Bar.

Extradition Treaty between Great Britain and Guatemala signed.


Jan. 25th ... Mounted Infantry Volunteer Force formed at Belize.

May 20th ... Lighthouse established at Rocky Point.

May 21st ... Outbreak of Yellow Fever at Belize. Miss Nora Muriel Sweet-Escott, daughter of His Excellency the Governor, and D. D. Barnes, Superintendent of Police, were among the victims.

May 31st Death of Miss Nora Muriel Sweet-Escott at Government House from Yellow Fever.

Sept. 13th ... Contract entered into with Mr. Joseph Lewis for the lighting.of the streets of Belize by electricity.

Oct. 18th ... Wilfred Collet, Esq., C.M.G., appointed Colonial Secretary.

Telephone Exchange established at Belize.

Telephonic communication established between Belize and Punta Gorda.


March 21st Lieut. Colonel E. J. E. Swayne, C.M.G., C.B., appointed Governor.

April 28th ... Streets of Belize lit by electricity.

May 23rd ... Boundaries of the several districts of the Colony defined.

Aug. 13th ... Lieut. Colonel E. J. E. Swayne, C.M.G., C.B., arrived in the Colony and assumed office of Governor.


Jan. 14th ... Kingston, Jamaica, destroyed by earthquake : Loss of life about 800, of property about �2,000,000.

Feb. 5th ... Hon. (now Sir) F. M. Maxwell appointed Chief Justice.

June 11th... Expeditionary Force (Police and Volunteers) under the command of Major F. M. Maxwell, left Belize to effect the capture of the Tzuls (3 Indians) in the Cayo District.

Nov. 27th ... Corozal appointed a warehousing port.

Dec. 5th ... Levi Pearce, Esq., appointed an unofficial Mdmber of the Legislative Council.

Dec. 16th ... Moho Caye again appointed as a Quarantine station.

Death of Sydney Gower Woods, an esteemed, honoured and capable son of the soil.


Oct. 17th ... First section (to Hope Creek, 91 miles) of the Stann Creek Railway opened.


Jan. 21st ... His Excellency Lieut. Colonel E. J. E. Swayne paid an official visit to Mexico.

Feb. 6th ... His Excellency Lieut. Colonel E. J. E. Swayne returned from his official visit to Mexico.

March, 16th ... Outbreak of small-pox in the town of Stann Creek.

March 17th ... Second section (Hope Creek to Macaroni Hill, 91 to 151 miles) of the Stann Creek Railway opened.

May 29th ... Police Constable No. 3, Nicodemus Waldron, shot at Isla Lemones, Rio Hondo, while in the execution of his duties by one Ireneo Zetina.

May 30th ... Serious fire (Khan's) on Regent Street, Belize, opposite Scots Kirk. Sdveral large buildings were destroyed, including the Post Office (made of brick), Khan's Hotel and two shops. The damages were estimated at $47,000.

June 1st ... Commission appointed to inquire into the cause and circumstances of the fire on the 30th May, 1909.

June 4th ... Wireless telegraph at Xcalak opened to the public.

June 18th ... Police Constable L.-Cpl. Theodore Walker shot at Benque Viejo while in the execution of his duty by one Victor M. Barrillas.

Oct. 22nd ... Doctor C. H. Eyles, late Colonial Surgeon, and Mr. Spencer, Manager of the United Fruit Co., drowned off Colson Point, near Stann Creek, on the capsizing of the sloop "Alice Rhys"


March 4th ... Third section (151 to 18 miles) of the Stann Creek Railway opened.

April 8th ... Hospital dispensary and office at Belize destroyed by fire.

May 5th ... Commercial Treaty between the United Kingdom and the Republic of Honduras.

May 6th ...Death of King Edward VII. and accession of King George V.

May 11th ... Towyre Price, Esq., appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

May 20th ... Memorial service for His Majesty the late King Edward VII, in all the churches throughout the Colony.

June 21st ... Boundaries of the Stann Creek District altered.

Oct. 22nd ... Riverside Hall fire at Belize: Several deaths resulted. First demonstration of engines "Collet" and "Swayne."


April 13th ... Dr. James Cram appointed to act as an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

May 20th ... Departure of Coronation Contingent from the Colony.

June 22nd ... Coronation of King George V.

July 25th ... Belize Town Board formed.

August ... Coronation Contingent returned to the Colony.

Law Appeals from British Honduras to Jamaica ceased.


Jan. 16th ... Boundaries of the town of Monkey River defined.

March 28th... Police Constable Lce. Cpl. W. Tingling shot at Benque Viejo by Eleutario Hernandez while in the execution of his duty.

March 30th... Police Constable Lce.-Cpl. W. Tingling died at Benque Viejo.

Aug. 3rd ... Hon. J. M. Rosado resigned his seat on the Legislative Council.

Sept. 24th ... Sally Wolffsohn, Esq., appointed an unofficial Member of the Legislative Council.

Oct. 14th Bank of British Honduras purchased by the Royal Bank of Canada.

Mule Park, opposite the Belize Market, fenced with iron railings. Two of the cannons used in the Battle of St. George's Caye are on exhibition in this park.


March 17th ... Departure of His Excellency Sir E. J. E. Swayne, K.C.M.G., C.B., from the Colony.

April 21st ... Eleuterio Hernandez, alleged bandit and assassin, shot at Bullet Tree Falls in the Cayo District.

April 30th ... Wilfred Collet, Esq., C.M.G., appointed Governor.

May 1st ... Bonded warehouse at Punta Gorda closed.

June 26th ... Revolving light erected at Maugre Caye.

Sept. 26th Bank notes of the Royal Bank of Canada declared not legal tender in the Colony.

Compulsory Pilotage abolished.

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