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Good Friday brings its own beliefs and rituals. One MBB staffer’s mother once explained why Good Friday was a day to do nothing. “It is the day that Jesus died. That means that on Good Friday, our savior is not available to protect us, and the Devil has free reign to cause havoc.” Doing nothing truly means doing nothing. For instance, there is no cooking, hence many family cooks ensured that the traditional hot cross buns were prepared in advance for eating the next day. No housework, no work, no alcohol, no partying, dancing or any of those naughty things. Traveling on Good Friday is especially considered bad luck. Many old-timers and even today’s generation believes that travel invites bad omens, and the risk of having an accident on that day is too much to chance.

But the best belief – and this Lizard Tale is a doozy: did you know swimming on Good Friday could cause you to turn into a Mermaid?! Wait, What?! Fi Chu, ah nuh di lie!,Yuhtun MURMADE if yuh get inna di WAATA! (It’s true, I’m not lying! You turn into a MERMAID if you get in the water!) As children, many of us can recollect memories of being sanctioned by parents or grandparent to “nuh go swim!” or “nuh go da riva!” on Good Friday. It really isn’t clear where this belief originated from, but any Belizean can attest to hearing the horror stories of swimming on Good Friday.

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