by Hector Silva


Way back in the mid 1960's, I along with some friends, went to have dinner at the Fort George Hotel. - After dinner, we went to the Bar to take a little libation.

A Friend of mine and name sake Hector Villanueva came to me and and said " Tocayo there is a man that would like to meet you. " I asked him, who he was ? and Hector gave me his Card. ( " I was then Minister of Works, Utilities and Communications. " )

My friends departed and I invited the person to my table. - He introduced himself as, Mashyda or something like that, Of THE BANK OF NOVA SCOTIA. After exchanging pleasantries about Belize. He then expressed his visit passing through Belize from a journey to South America.

His introduction led the way, to whether Belize would welcome another Bank besides Barclays and The Royal Bank of Canada.

My immediate reply was of course. - And we went through the Mechanics of obtaining a Bank Licence.

My reply was, - If there is a serious intention, I would lead him to the right authorities.

He told me, that he would make a call to his Superior in Canada. In a short while, he was back and told me that he got approval to stay two more days.

That very evening, I invited him to meet some leading business men of Belize at the Pickwick Club in Belize City. - He met Mr David Estephan, Mr James Blake, Mr Carlos Abdo, Mr Mike Maestre, Mr Tuto Alamilla Mr Edwardo Mendez, Mr Lucilo P Ayuso and Dr Salvador Awe.

We met later and he told me, that he was encouraged after speaking with these businessmen. He then asked me, if he could meet the Ministry of Finance. - I told him, " You will meet the MINISTER OF FINANCE and PREMIER OF BELIZE in the morning. .

In the morning, I took him to meet Premier George Price and Financial Secretary, Mr.Rafael Fonseca. - After a little while, Premier Price told him " Please go ahead and open your Bank." I will sign your Licence.

To end a long story short. - Within a Month, one, Mr Dennis Nolan gave me a call from an apartment in Belize City , telling me that he would be the first manager of Scotia Bank in Belize. We met and I recommended a Lawyer -and the story goes until now,


( I remember that young Valencia, and Enrique Riverol were among some of the first employees. )

End of this story, never told by succeeding Belizeans, at the Helm. ( But this is Belize. )