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Were COVID-19 protocols followed?

This time, Easter in San Pedro Town was much busier than last year as a large influx of visitors from abroad, and Belizeans spent the long weekend on La Isla Bonita. With the current COVID-19 restrictions limiting social events, the usual large beach jamborees were absent for the second year in a row; consequently, the police reported fewer issues. Although businesses welcomed the large volume of visitors, it also caused concern as many believed COVID-19 protocols and health safety measures were not properly observed.

The long Easter weekend holiday began from Thursday, April 1st through Monday, April 5th, with the most active days being Saturday and Sunday. Although there was a police presence, social distancing was apparently not enforced most of the time. The police, however, did check luggage from each boat run looking for anything illicit. Other reports suggested that some restaurants had DJs, but large crowds were not observed. According to the SI, anyone violating the regulations could be fined $500 up to $5,000 for businesses hosting social gatherings.

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