And while that mother mourns a heroic son, 28 Corozal town residents are mourning the loss of their home. It happened on Sunday morning just after midnight on Olga Marin Drive at the home that Rosita Gilharry has lived in for 22 years.

The 57-year-old showed CTV3 the burns she sustained to her face while looking for her slippers, saying that she hadn't wanted to run out barefoot into the night.

Rosita Gilharry, Fire Victim
"I was sleeping and when my next son-in-law woke me up and told me the house is catching fire and he started to wake us up. He said that the fish that they lit, the mosquito made the fire and when I woke up the fire was already big in the house."

"So your house was the first one to catch fire?"

Rosita Gilharry, Fire Victim
"No, the fire started in my daughter's house and then it came into our one and it catch all of the other houses. The 4 houses went down. The fire truck took too long to come and the houses burnt down. All of us ran out the house and I woke up my grandchildren and tell them to run out the house and when I went back inside the house to find my slippers, the same time the fire catch my face."

"I didn't save anything. Everything went down. I feel bad because my house is gone and that is like a person that dies for us how the house feels."

The police had fewer details at this morning's Press brief, pointing to Candles rather than lit fish as the cause of the fire.

ACP Joseph Myvette
"On Sunday morning shortly after 12:15 a.m. Corozal police were called to a scene on Olga Marin drive in Corozal town whereupon arrival they visited the home of one Rosita Gilharry where they observed four small wooden structures engulfed in flames Miss Rosita Gilharry reported to the police that sometime shortly after midnight she was alerted by a family member that one of those houses was on fire. The houses apparently did not have electricity, Candles were being used. That is believed to be preliminarily the cause of the fire, those homes were occupied by some 18 persons, no one was injured during the fire, however, all properties were destroyed and those buildings were not ensured. We are still awaiting an official report from the fire department as to the cause of the fire."

Gilharry and her extended family are asking for assistance to rebuild. She says they had been living together in order to pool resources in these incredibly difficult times.

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