Belizeans are eagerly awaiting the end of the COVID curfew.

It's a state of affairs that could have a two-week expiration date, but that all depends on the COVID numbers and whether they can continue to fall and stay down.

We heard as much from Minister of Home Affairs Kareem Musa this afternoon who took a very measured approach to make any promises about amending the latest S.I.

Hon. Kareem Musa - Minister of Home Affairs
"As you know we had promised that on April 15th there would be a revision of the statutory instruments and the regulations. We have already decided at the Cabinet-level that casino's having satisfied the request from the Ministry of Health in terms of the protocols to be instituted will be able to open on April 15th. We are looking at sporting events I know that basketball and football are the two that most people are clamouring for but it's also the ones that involve the most contact and so there may be some relaxing when it comes to sports and of course, there may be relaxing in the curfew as well, however, I don't want to say at this very moment because we still have another week before April 15th before we make that decision."

That decision will also be based on what happened over the Easter weekend and how well the local tourists who flocked to Belize's beaches followed the COVID regulations.

The Minister of Home Affairs says Easter activities were quote: "Contained", but he also said it's a waiting game on whether we'll see a post-Easter Covid surge. Here are those comments:

Hon. Kareem Musa - Minister of Home Affairs
"What I can tell you, to my knowledge and to what I have been informed by the Commissioner of police as well as the different officers in charge in the respective jurisdictions is that it was properly contained. I have not heard about people being arrested and normally I am the first one to get those calls and so I would be very surprised to hear that a lot of people got arrested, above normal. What I can tell you is that the Police Officers in San Pedro, and Caye Caulker, and Placencia were instructed to use a lot of discretion and to give individuals and members of the public an opportunity to rectify if it is that they were borderline breaching any of the protocols. So, if for instance if they had off their mask because they were eating they were issued a warning as opposed to a direct ticket and so a lot of the crowd controls were properly managed because like I said I did not get a lot of these reports and when there was possible overcrowding about to take place police officers took action and basically separated the crowds and advised them of what they can and cannot do. And again these are in all the hotspots so like I said I do not have any complaints coming from members of the public and I think this weekend was very successful in terms of our management of the regulations, management of the overcrowding and certainly a boost for our economy to actually have local tourism taking place at all these beautiful destinations so overall I would say it was a successful Easter weekend, obviously when it comes to the Covid results we will know in a matter of weeks whether or not there will be a surge. I am praying and I am hoping that there is no surge in two to three weeks from now but of course we are keeping an eye on it."

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