Since taking office, the new P.U.P. San Pedro Town Council has been pouring over the accounts at the council and the findings, according to Mayor Wally Nunez, are shocking. Between 2019 and 2021, twelve million dollars in property taxes have not been collected; the council has an overdraft of two million-dollars, exorbitant utility bills and had been operating at a deficit of five hundred dollars daily. In a nutshell, Mayor Nunez explains that the council is broke.

Wally Nunez, Mayor, San Pedro Town

“Employees had no files. Trade license is very low compared to many other places. Some places were paying as little as sixty dollars on a trade license for a golf cart rental. We had the tax department where some are paying half of their tax. One of the businesses places in downtown San Pedro was only paying a hundred and twenty dollars a year for property tax. Loans from personal entities; we have a person that came over that the council made a loan from them. How legal is that; we need to find out and to get to the bottom of it. We have had no accounting entered into the Quick Books since 2019. Our main accountant resigned and the excel file had a negative five hundred [dollars] when they balance every day. Our investigation is underway with B.E.L. and B.W.S.L. as we have had very high bills and the parks and stadiums that are also connected have not been used so why are our bills so high. There was no organization at the town barracks and the town council property with respect to equipment was zero when we got there; there was no equipment, not even tools. The town council property has gone missing despite requesting information from all the employees and properties have not been found.”

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