Flowers also commented on reports that well-connected individuals owe taxes to G.O.B., but they are not held to the same standards as regular business people. He says the Prime Minister needs to read the regulations.

Dean Flowers, 1st Vice President, Public Service Union

"The Prime Minister said the Belize Tax Services calculate tax arrears or the manner in which they do that is out of whack. Every single business in Belize is judged governed and assessed by the General Sales Tax Act and the Income Tax Act. Is it that the Prime Minister's sister comes from animal farm and not from the country of Belize? How is it that the Prime Minister can say that his sister will not and should not pay what she has been assessed and what continue to accrue, but every single business out there must comply? And I am yet to hear from the private sector to condemn that inequality that animal farm type mentality. And I am yet to hear a statement from the Belize Tax Services to say Mister Prime Minister as Minister of Finance, lawd man; GST is calculated on gross sales. You are on the news saying it is not; come on man. Make we read the law and understand wi role noh or make we stick to what we know rather than we get on the media and speak about GST not beingļæ½the law is clear, you pay GST on your gross sales if you are making seventy-five thousand dollars or more per year. So I would love to hear from the private sector."

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