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Call on GOB to collect unpaid taxes from telephone companies

In San Pedro Town, a handful of teachers marched through the streets of downtown San Pedro and picketed BTL and SMART offices, demanding a better solution from the government other than reducing their salaries to balance the budget. Armed with placards and adhering to the COVID-19 regulations, their placards demanded that the said companies pay their taxes, which are in the millions, according to reports. Other messages illustrated their disappointment in the prime minister for pushing the salary cuts. One of the protesters said that there are better ways to get money to improve the country’s economy. “Instead of doing a salary cut, collect the millions owed in taxes from the companies like BTL and SMART. That can make a big difference in the economy instead of finding an easier way by taking the money from the hard-working people, which are the teachers and public officers.”

The teachers also indicated that during this pandemic, it is the public servants keeping the economy afloat. They said that if teachers’ and public officers’ salaries are reduced, it will affect everyone in the community as they will consume less, impacting the business sector. “Even if you are not a public servant or teacher and you are not being paid by the government, you will get affected,” a teacher said. “Our money goes to you.” One of the teachers’ hardships is the amount of money they spend every year from their own pockets to prepare their classrooms. If their salaries are cut, it will not be easy to provide the additional services to students that are usually foot by teachers.

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