Six Cruise Ports for the Small Country of Belize?

The proposed port of magical cruise development, 6 miles south of belize city near the sibun river manatee habitat was given its eia approval this week. Another proposed development by waterloo, port of belize cruise port expansion project has not received its eia approval as environmentalists continue to call on government to review the cumulative impact of multiple cruise projects. Several attempts have been made to quietly push through these two projects last minute during the covid pandemic, within the first month of the new government entering into office.

This week we find out yet another proposed cruise port development is on the table, this time at the Commerce Bight port.

There is no sign of the promised strategic review of Belize´s cruise terminals in the light of the fact that Belize already has three cruise ports FSTV, Harvest Caye, and Port Coral at Stake Bank Island which is currently under construction. All three ports are already capable of handling the volume of passengers pre-COVID plus the expected yearly growth.

Tourism in Belize is based on two major environmental draws, our inland ruins, river and jungles, and our amazing barrier reef and Atolls. This quantity of ports will have a major negative impact on the latest of those two. The Reef can not sustain this much development. The industry first and foremost has no need for it, the volume of visitors does not justify the quantity of proposed projects. The impact on the environment is cataclysmic for Belize's future. However, this can all be circumvented with a check to your friendly politician who will push through what you need, since this is how they make their wealth. During these times. Watch them close and see.

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