A suspicious Cessna airplane came into the PGIA last week.

Reports are that two pilots landed the plane and left it there for someone else had supposedly purchased it. But while the flight into the country was approved, some things weren't adding up which led to the officers seizing the plane.

The commissioner of police, Chester Williams, told us more today.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Sometime about a week or so ago, the plane came into the country and may I say that the plane did have clearance through the civil aviation authority. According to those persons who brought it in, it came into to be sold to some Belizean. Nonetheless, a check done by civil aviation revealed that certain documentation regarding registration of the plane was not accurate and based on that it rose, it give rise to some suspicion and we got together, police, civil aviation, and conducted a search of the plane in the presence of two persons in the plane purported to be pilots to take the plane back to Mexico, that search yielded nothing and so at this time the matter is in the hands of civil aviation."

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