Tourism stakeholders on San Pedro and Caye Caulker are hopeful that the industry will bounce back - and the vaccination program currently ongoing will play a major roll in that.

And now, there's an app for that. The Covid-19 Vaccine Registration and Scheduling App will ensure that the vaccinations are rolled out in a timely and orderly manner. It will also assist in making the process of getting one's vaccine much smoother.

Today, Dr Natalia Beer, the technical advisor in the Maternal and Child Health Unit, spoke to us via Zoom explaining the necessity of the app and how it works.

Dr Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor, Maternal and Child Health, MOHW
"This is ready now online, you can find it on the Ministry of Health and Wellness Facebook page with both the instructional video and the link for the app. So anyone that have access to the link can use the app for registration."

"The purpose is for persons to register and once you're registered and you access the vaccine site, the process should be a bit more smoother because then we would have all the information that the person entered into the app readily available at the location." "The work that the staff is doing there when you walk in, the time we could use for observation of patients and to vaccinate more persons, so having the information available uploading beforehand makes it easier for us and for the person requiring the vaccine. And the thing is, the scheduling, when the persons registers, they will receive a text message, that they have registered successfully, then when the nurse go through the list of the persons who sign up for the vaccine then they will do the scheduling then the person will receive a second text message to their phone stating the time and the location where the vaccine will be administered and at the vaccination site, once the vaccine is administered, that is also documented in the app and then they would get a third text message and this will be the vaccination information as a text message on their phone."

And while there were many persons outside the first three phases rushing to get their vaccine, this new app will limit those to their phases. However, Dr Beer told us that there will be exceptions to prevent wasting open vials of the vaccine.

Dr Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor, Maternal and Child Health, MOHW
"The persons, once their phases is open, they can reach to the facilities, if they're not signed up and they have access to Facebook, we will ask them to sign up right then and there. It takes less than 3 minutes. Or if the person cannot access the app then someone will assist them in registering there. But it makes it easier for the scheduling and for sharing with them various information on the vaccine."

"We are not turning back persons that fall into the phases that are open, when we have those and our vials which are open and not to create wastage, then we will invite persons to come in and probably you might find a few that are outside the phases that are open."

So far 35,990 people have been vaccinated. Those who have already received their first jab do not need to register on the app.

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