So when will the Chinese VeroCell Vaccines that came into the country be used? These arrived a little after the Easter holidays, without the fanfare that the AstraZeneca got. Minister Michel Chebat had explained that many of his staff were still on holiday but that the vaccine wouldn't be used as yet since it has not gotten the approval from W-H-O.

Dr Beer reiterated this but noted that the vaccine has a shelf life of two years.

Dr Natalia Beer, Technical Advisor, Maternal and Child Health, MOHW
"The expiration date is two years, it's a vaccine that is developed like the other vaccines that we have in the regular program so we don't have any problem with the storage."

"Just like any of the other vaccines, they go through a process and this one is in the process for approval by the WHO."

"We're following up on the reports and hopefully it will be probably around the end of April and the month of May."

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