During Thursday's presentations, the PUP Representatives, who are also serving members in the Prime Minister's Cabinet, gave a few updates on matters of urgent national interest that fall under their ministerial portfolios.

An important reveal in today's House meeting came from Sports Minister Kevin Bernard. He announced that in a little over a week, a Statutory Instrument will be signed that authorizes the resumption of non-contact sports.

Here's what Bernard had to say about a slight return to normalcy for the different sporting disciplines:

Hon. Kevin Bernard - Minister of Sports
"Mr. Speaker, I start my brief presentation today with some welcomed news. On May 1st, just over a week from today, we will open up sports in the country, although under strict guidelines. I would not wish to pre-empt the SI, but I can say that non-contact sports will return to normal, as will recreational sports, while contact sports be for training purposes only for a period of time. We will get into more detail in the coming week, but God willing, we will return to complete normal by the start of 2022."

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