As Belize Becomes A Safer Destination

As one of only 21 countries in the world at Level 2, the U.S. State Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has dropped its travel alert as Belize becomes a safer destination by the day. With almost 40,000 people vaccinated in country— including tourism frontline workers —travelers can bask in wide open spaces , alongside enhanced health and safety protocols. In March, Belize became the first Caribbean country to waive entry testing requirements for fully vaccination travelers, too. The CDC has stated that it’s low risk for vaccinated people to travel . While Belize continues to see a decreasing trend of cases,

Meanwhile, the US State Department has added a “Do Not Travel” advisory to about 66% of countries/regions worldwide, following “unprecedented risk to travelers” from the coronavirus pandemic.

Specifically, the US State Department puts countries into one of four categories, based on a risk assessment:

Level 1 is “exercise normal precautions”
Level 2 is “exercise increased caution”
Level 3 is “reconsider travel”
Level 4 is “do not travel”

So, how significant are these changes?

Previously 34 countries were Level 4, while 137 countries are now Level 4

With this update, there are only four countries that are Level 1, 21 countries that are Level 2, and 46 countries are Level 3