Last week it was noted in the House of Representatives that the unions may regret their actions down the road if a worsening economy forced the government to enter an IMF standby agreement.

President Smith said that while they are concerned about devaluation, the government's actions make it seem like Belmopan isn't too worried. Smith says the unions can't be the only ones to blame.

Elena Smith, President, BNTU
"The IMF has been putting forth to the government for some of the things they should be doing and they have been following some of the IMF suggestions so they may not be here heavy handed as yet but they are here."

"Are the teachers concerned that our dollar may be devalued?"

Elena Smith, President, BNTU
"Of course we are concerned, everybody would be concerned if you are hearing those things, but how concerned is the government if you see the way they have been spending, how concerned can you say they are if they continue to do the things they know they shouldn't be doing because it would put us further in the hole. We don't see that they are showing that they are seriously concerned about these things so why should we be the only ones to support."

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