Maya at the Lago is happening this weekend. On Saturday, May 1, Check out Dr. Claire Novotny's presentation on "Closing the Heritage Gap by the Carib Sea: Engaging Multiple Publics in Belize"; on the same day check out a Round Table: Successes and Challenges in Community Archaeology in the Maya World, featuring three Belizean archaeologists, Dr. Jaime Awe, Sylvia Batty, and Antonio Beardall.

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Maya at the Lago ([email protected]) 2021, Web Edition, is a four-day "Everything Maya" event featuring seven lectures, three round-table discussions, and two hieroglyphic workshop.

Maya at the Lago is an inclusive conference that brings together members of the public, lifelong learners, pre-collegiate students, and academics to listen and interact with established and young scholars of all things Maya.

This year’s event will take place on the Web, in the format of a Zoom Webinar provided by Davidson College. Zoom links will be posted here. We kept a format close to the original one, so that longtime attendees will feel at home (literally) while watching our lectures or participating in our workshop. Yet, we are opening the 1000 “seats” to anyone in an effort to make our Web Conference accessible to students, enthusiasts, and scholars around the world. This year will also feature presentations and a glyph workshop in Spanish for the first time. To ensure getting a seat, try to be there early. No registration is required.