Mr. Hector Silva, a local Belizean historian, gives us a brief overview of his contribution to Belize's development and some of the reasons why Belize is still a largely undiscovered territory. Don Hector, as he is affectionately known, tells us about the seven wonders of Central America in Belize. He also tells us why the town of Corozal in northern Belize is an important mecca for the Mestizo culture. Tune in to hear don Hector tell some of the untold history of Belize. Don Hector has an incredible encyclopedic knowledge of Belize and is passionatae about sharing the story of Belize with the world

He was one of the first ministers of government, serving as the minister of public works, public utilities, and communication. He was responsible for bringing essential utilities and infrastructure throughout the country as Belize developed through self-government and then as an independent nation.

Throughout his life, Don Hector has made significant contributions to the development of Belize. In 1966, as minister of Communcation, he inaugurated the first modern telephone international dialing system in Belize. He was first elected to local office at the age of 23 and eventually served the nation in every elected capacity.

The SEVEN wonders of Belize: The highest water Fall of the entire Central America, 1,600 feet high, also called Thousand Feet fall in the Hidden Valley in the Mountain Pine Ridge

The Highest Mountain Peak, " DOYLE'S DELIGHT ". 4 feet higher than Victoria Peak, in the Cockscomb, in the Stann Creek District.

The Deepest Cave in Central America, the CEBEDA CAVE in the Chiquibul Forest. - ( so far 23 miles deep)

The largest rain forest in Central America. The CHIQUIBUL FOREST (surpassing that in Costa Rica which has diminished over the years. Peten in Guatemala had a very large rain forest but with the settlement of over One million people, from other areas of Guatemala, and the very large Cattle ranches, that rain forest has been greatly reduced as was the case of Costa Rica.

The BARRIER REEF OF BELIZE is the largest in the Western hemisphere, and SECOND largest in the World only to the great barrier reef in Australia.

The GREAT BLUE HOLE, the ONLY one of its kind in this Hemisphere.

Belize has three of four ATTOLS in the entire western hemisphere : TURNEFFE, GLOVER'S REEF and LIGHT HOUSE Atolls.

In Addition, the Cayo District in western Belize has a massive deposit of Fresh water under the Maya Mountain which feeds the Mopan, Macal, Belize River, Barton Creek, Roaring Creek, The Sibun River, The Manatee, The Mullins River, The North Stann Creek River, The Sittee River, South Stann Creek River, The Monkey River, The Bladden Branch - and others down South.

These rivers flow 24/7/12, even in the driest months. SO THIS UNDERGROUND DEPOSIT OF WATER must be very large. - ( In 1934, Dr Magoon recommended, that we could even export fresh water to our neighbors via AQUEDUCTS, as the Romans did in olden days.

We also have many Cenotes, Lagoons, Creeks, Springs etc. The Cayo District has large deposits of GOLD, and other MINERALS, now being extracted by illegal golf pawners. The Cayo District has a large deposit of Lime Stones and Gypsum used to manufacture CEMENT, ( these deposits are between San Ignacio and San Antonio Village.)

- Hector Silva