And while the Energy workers won't strike, the nurses, public officers, and teachers are all engaged in or about to launch direct industrial action. But, on another front the drive for vaccination continues undeterred. So far, 42,100 Belizeans have been vaccinated which works out to about 11% of the population, or 11 out of every 100 people.

The question now is, are we on track for that 70%? That's the mark for herd immunity and the point where you'd assume we get to lose the mask.

And if Belize's vaccine rollout were to get a report card would we score a C+ or a big fat F? We put that question to the Ministry of Health's technical advisor, Dr. Natalia Beer - who we spoke with via Zoom

Dr. Natalia Beer, Ministry of Health
"We you know we started the 1st of March and it has been steady with an average of one thousand plus doses per day and the different group of populations are accessing the vaccination sites."

"But its evident that the vaccination rollout did not go as planned in terms of the time periods, so the time period for elders was fast track because not enough of them showed up, then the time period for teachers and policemen again, fast track because not enough of them showed up. Now we are at the point where you guys are calling for anyone 18 and older to go in. Was that disappointing at all that really a lot of these vital members of society seem to show no interest in getting vaccinated?"

Dr. Natalia Beer, Ministry of Health
"I wouldn't say no interest. I would say that it's a vaccine that is not mandatory. People as we go reaching them, providing them with information that is how they are assessing the vaccines and we are open up from phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3. Phase 4 and 5, those are not open as yet, but some of them may be vaccinated because at the end of the day not to lose those doses we can call in other persons from other groups that are not open currently. Officially we have opened phase 1,2, and 3 and people have their own timing, but to make much of the time, that's why we went ahead and open up the other groups."

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