Islanders start getting the second jab

Island residents in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, have answered the call to vaccinate against COVID-19. As of Friday, May 7th, based on information from medical personnel, around 3,100 people have received the jab, with more in line to get the vaccine. The latest report indicates that 71 islanders have welcomed their second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine. This number is expected to continue increasing as more persons are scheduled to receive their second dose.

The vaccine distribution has so far been through three phases, with two more to go. The most recent phase 3(C) covers members of the security forces, fire department, persons with co-morbidities, non-governmental representatives, and utility workers. While there is a large part of the island population in favor of getting the vaccine, others remain hesitant.

Over the past months, the number of COVID-19 has dropped drastically. The daily reports from San Pedro have been showing zero cases on the island. The latest information from the Ministry of Health and Wellness (MOHW) indicates only 75 active cases of COVID-19 countrywide.

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