More islanders vaccinated

As more people in San Pedro Town, Ambergris Caye, get the AstraZeneca jab against COVID-19, island health authorities report zero cases among the local population. However, two visitors/tourists are in quarantine in San Pedro after being detected with COVID-19. One of these persons was confirmed with the virus upon arrival to the country and the other upon departure. According to Dr. Canul from Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, the individuals are placed in isolation ten to 14 days before being re-tested in these cases. He explained that the isolation takes place at the resort the patient was to stay in during their visit. The hotel is notified of the situation so staff can follow strict guidelines.

Dr. Canul indicated that the number of islanders who have visited the flu clinic to be tested for COVID-19 is low. He encourages anyone suspecting that they might have the virus to visit the Mar de Tumbo flue clinic for testing. He also asked residents to remain vigilant and continue following the safety protocols to avoid an outbreak of the deadly virus.

The vaccination campaign on the island has seen a steady number of persons getting the vaccine. Dr. Canul said that on a typical day (half day), they average 80 to 90 persons. When the vaccine is offered in the morning and afternoon, up to 180 persons show up for their jab. Currently, around 3,190 residents have been vaccinated with their first dose, and a little over 200 have received their second. Dr.Canul said that only minor side effects had been reported.

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