When will the land borders re-open? They have been closed for over a year now. PM Briceno addressed this today in an interview with CTV-3:

"When do you foresee that the borders will be opened considering that the neighbouring countries are not as good as we are when it comes to COVID-19?"

Hon. John Briceno - Prime Minister "Well, we have to protect our best interest first and foremost and we know that there are still problems in Guatemala and Mexico and even us, we also have to be very careful, I always remind people not because we don't have a lot of people with COVID it means that COVID has disappeared, it's amongst us and it flare up at any moment, look at India as an example. One of the things that we have been discussing is be able to open up the borders and the land borders safely and use the same protocols we have at the airport to be able to put it in place at the land borders and basically the important thing is to be able to make sure everybody takes a COVID test coming into Belize to ensure as best as we possibly can to ensure that they are not infected and sick with COVID."

Reporter "Also saw that you guys have placed a ban on people coming in from India as well?"

Hon. John Briceno
"We have put a temporary ban on people travelling that have gone to India from coming into Belize because of the very same issue. We're hoping within the next few weeks that we could be able to put also the protocols as to how we can open the land borders safely."

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