Belizeans who plan to visit India, or have their relatives or business associates come from India in the near future will have to make other plans. The Government of Belize announced today there will be a temporary travel ban for people who have travelled to or originated from India and Bangladesh due to the rising numbers of persons in these countries infected with the COVID-19 virus. The decision to enact the ban was made during this week's Cabinet meeting at the House of Culture. Cabinet also received an update from the Ministerial Consultation Team on recent meetings with the joint unions. It was decided that the Prime Minister will inform the unions of government's firm position in writing. He also recorded a statement that aired on the Press Office's Facebook page on Wednesday evening. Cabinet has approved the enactment of a modern securities law for Belize that is consistent with international standards was approved in order to facilitate a capital market in Belize. There will also be upgrades to the National Fire Service of Belize, including infrastructural improvements in Belize City, Ladyville, Trial Farm, Independence and Placencia. Finally, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development and Housing will begin incorporating into Belize's legislative framework standards to guide the design, planning, permitting and construction of buildings and homes in Belize.

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