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This is not your ordinary lagoon. Our Corozal Four Mile Lagoon is a Caribbean estuarine system located along our Philip Goldson highway between miles 88-93. It empties into the Rio Hondo just before the river empties into Chetumal Bay, south of the Yucatan, Mexican border.

This relatively undiscovered body of water has two locations to enjoy the lush scenery and awesome sunsets. The lagoon is 5 miles long from one end to the other, and has a total coastline of over 10 miles. Very little of this coastline is developed. There are approximately 30 properties and two prevalent subdivisions known as Tarpon Cove Estate and Sunset Villa Estate that exist along the lagoon.

Rancho Remate is a popular private waterside property along Four Mile Lagoon still owned and enjoyed by the local Alpuche family. It offers a public easement to the water's edge where you can enjoy swimming and beautiful sunsets.

Although the lagoon's water is fresh, it is alive with fish like jack crevalle, tarpon (protected), permit (protected) snook, shad, and barracuda, your occasional manatee, dolphin and croc.

With access to the Rio Hondo, one can fish all along the banks of the Rio Hondo, as far out as the Chetumal Bay that converges with with our Caribbean Sea.

The lagoon is a natural body of water that offers safe harbour to small sail boats and water crafts in the event of a storm. It is an excellent spot for sailing, kayaking, swimming, kite surfing, jet skiing and just relaxing.

Unfortunately, there are no public natural parks since all the properties along the lagoon are privately owned.

The current trend to expand tourism development in this area could increment economic benefits in the short term and long term for our local Belizean workers.

However, we must also be mindful that development trends and modifications of our lagoon's fragile environment can result in its detriment.

Resultant impacts of tourism development and other impacts including wastewater discharge, euthrophication and increase in boat traffic can also result in its detriment.

Evidently, there is the need for planned tourism development that is environmentally benign. Four Mile Lagoon is a hidden treasure.

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