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Earlier this week, I was about to round the corner and I spotted a new shop! That is not a new thing in San Pedro - new businesses seem to open and close weekly but this one really caught my eye. A small storefront called Indira's Spices and Herbs. There is a flyfishing shop (Reel Belize) - a small art gallery and at the end, Indira's Spices and Herbs.

Joshua is inside - and his faithful spice-hound Inky. He is SO knowledgeable about the plants, herbs, and medicinal uses. It's FASCINATING. Indira is his older sister and his whole family is involved in collecting, preparing and grinding the spices - mostly from around Belize. He can recommend cooking applications AND remedies for what ails you. All family knowledge passed down from relatives in Chunox and Patchakan, Corozal. This shop opened just a month or so ago but they have a longer-standing store in Belize City too.

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