Just a reminder islanders, the next COVAX shipment of AstraZeneca vaccine was received on May 10th. There is NO shortage of AstraZeneca vaccine for second doses.

Please stop spreading rumours and misinformation.

There is no shortage of AstraZeneca vaccine on the island for either first or second doses.

If you have questions or concerns about getting vaccinated we are available at the Lion's Den to answer your questions and concerns. Our schedule at this time is:

Monday - Morning and Afternoon.
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday - Afternoon only
Friday - Morning only

If you arrive close to the end of the clinic, we may ask you to return the next day as we must finish ALL 12 doses in a vial. We cannot open a vial for only 1 person or we risk wasting the remaining doses in that vial.

Your social or other ID (passport, driver's license, voters card) is required to get your vaccination. For second doses, remember also to bring the vaccination card or paper that you received with your first dose.