The Ministry of Education (MOE) continues to monitor the schools that have reported COVID-19 cases since returning to face-to-face instruction. The ministry assures parents and the public that protocols continue to be strictly followed.

The 352 schools that have been given the green light to return to physical classrooms in various capacities have clearly defined procedures to ensure appropriate behaviors and rigorous monitoring of all students and teachers on campus. These measures have been put in place to help reduce the risk of the transmission of COVID-19 among all persons at the schools, which continue to be monitored by the ministry.

MOE is working closely with the Ministry of Health & Wellness and has put in place a notification system to give schools an easy and efficient means of reporting any suspected or diagnosed COVID-19 cases to ensure the appropriate actions and responses. The MOE team and members of the COVID-19 Education Task Force stand ready to provide any support the schools need.

Stakeholders are reminded to remain vigilant, get vaccinated, wash hands frequently, wear masks properly, and maintain physical distance.

Together we can help keep our schools and our communities safe and healthy.