Governor General Froyla Tzalam was installed as the titular head of state on Wednesday, but she will not be taking up residence at the Belize House any time soon. That's because the property in Belmopan is dilapidated and is in dire need of structural repair. Earlier this week, word of the GG's new abode began to circulate after it was discovered the Governor General will be moving to a rental house elsewhere in the Garden City. This morning, Prime Minister Briceno confirmed that Belize House is unfit for habitation.

Prime Minister John Brice´┐Żo
"Going back to the GG's house, Madam Speaker, it's falling apart. We've had the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, they sent in their engineers and they are pretty much saying that's a fire trap. The electricity needs to be upgraded, the roof is leaking. So there's a lot of work that we have to do before we can bring in a whole family, a husband, a wife and children."

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