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#550502 06/01/21 08:10 AM
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Henry Jemmott

Henry Jemmott passed away in the early morning of May 28, 2021. He will be greatly missed by many.

Henry was once the coastal executive officer of the Belize Police Department stationed at the San Pedro Police Station on Ambergris Caye.

Chester Williams:
"Mister Jemmott had worked in various aspects of policing and was recently the officer commanding San Ignacio Police Formation. And in May of this year, he was transferred to Belize City to take over command of precinct two.

A release from the police department says, quote,
"You have left us suddenly, King, but your dedication to the Government of Belize, the Belize Police Department, and the people of Belize will never be forgotten...sleep on OFFICER for we will all meet again one day."

Jorge Aldana:
Henry Jemmott was full of energy and had a bright future ahead. He looked forward in life for only good things. I had the privilege of working along with him for years, as a journalist, JP and as an employee of the council.

We had good working adventures and in one occasion I was rescued by Jemmott in the height of a hurricane as we stayed stranded rescuing a family. He said "I personally the come for you Aldees, just hold on." And he did - he was in a white truck! Who will forget our NEMO meetings and social gatherings for Public Service week. Jemmott was fun and always true to his friends. I have so many fun and good memories and stories.

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Marty #550504 06/01/21 08:15 AM
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Godspeed Henry.

Marty #550518 06/02/21 04:52 AM
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San Pedro Police Formation honors Supt. Henry Jemmott with a memorial. The public is invited to stop by and pay their respects to the fallen officer. There is also a notebook available to write messages.

[Linked Image]
Photo by the Ambergris Today

Marty #550536 06/02/21 11:48 AM
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A Memorial for Supt. Henry Jemmott in San Pedro
The death of Superintendent Henry Jemmott has hit his colleagues hard and also the many people of San Pedro who knew him over the years. While his most recent posting was as commander of precinct two at Eastern Division, today San Pedranos remembered him and his contribution to their community.

Marty #550542 06/03/21 04:38 AM
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Jemmott, The Legend

And while they are here to cover Jasmin Hartin's epic fall from grace, most in Belize are mourning the loss of Jemmott, a well loved cop who had served all over the country.

Now, we know he was not universally loved - we get that - but the big cop with his easygoing style had won the hearts of most he had come in contact with. Jules Vasquez called him "friend" - and so did many other - tonight he looks back at the legend of Henry Jemmoth:

Henry Jemmoth was an immense man - a shade over 6 feet tall and a few pounds over 300 - he carried that size for good reason - because he was so many things to so many people.

His friend Sean Kuylen said this "Griga boy he called a family member was a protector:

Sean Kuylen, Childhood friend
"Always a protector, protect to a fault, to a T - that man was protecting me for years, like from primary school straight up to last Thursday. Ingrained in him in his DNA he was always a protector, nobody could bully me at school, he was physically bigger than me and he use to protect me."

And he also wanted to protect his community:

Supt. Henry Jemmott
"What we're doing is that we're trying to bridge the gap between the community and the police and I believe by us going into the communities finding persons who are needy or less fortunate and we get to those people, because 90% of the time those are the people who would be more prone to committing crimes."

The Mayor of San Ignacio said he also felt protected when Jemmott was the OC in his town:

Mayor Earl Trapp, Mayor - SI/SE
"(silence) It's heartbreaking because we have lost a good soldier, a good police officer we have lost a warrior."

He built that reputation on the mean streets of the Southside where he was feared and respected:

Darrel Usher, Trained By Jemmott
"We were still very effective better than some of the teams today who have like 6 men per truck. We were still very effective because during that time we recovered several firearms off the streets and several drugs seizure especially with Jemmott. That's why Jemmott garnered the name "big hog" through Kraal Road, because you does have a tendency when you go through Kraal Road, he know there were drugs through the open lots and thing like that through George Street and he digs and digs until he find it. It doesn't matter how they would stash it he would find it."

But not only a street cop, he was a very ambitious police officer:

Sean Kuylen, Childhood friend
"He was very proud that every time he made a succession in ranking, he was the youngest in history in this country to become promoted every time and that's why it was calculated in his mind that by age this he could have been commissioner of police because he kept calculating and calculating and rising and rising."

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Henry's sister
"He looks to aspire; he was aspiring to be commissioner sometime and stuff like that. So he's like counting I'm 42 and then this one is 50 - so he was aspiring to be the next commissioner in years to come."

Darrel Usher, Trained By Jemmott
"Jemmott always had the push to accomplish a lot, so before Jemmott became corporal, anybody could tell you Jemmott would always have his corporal pin right underneath the button for his shirt, like he has it hidden, but in his mind he already himself at that rank, so he has it there already. So to every rank that he goes, it's the same thing. When he became corporal, afterwards he had that sergeant thing cover up right there. To inspector, the same thing - he was always aiming for that other rank."

Sean Kuylen, Childhood friend
"So he looked forward to his career, he looks forward to family and look forward to life. Thats was Henry Jemmott."

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police
"Personally I knew Mr Jemmoth very well. There are times that we do not see eye to eye on certain issues. We clash at times, but at the end of the day we both have the best interest of this department at heart. As a leader I am not the type who, contrary to what my friend Jules would say, who believe that people must be yes sir into me. I like challenges, because challenges do make you better as a leader and Mr. Jemmott was one of those persons who really and truly at times challenged me."

And that was his style - ambitious, assertive, but also a devoted a family man:

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Henry's sister
"My brother loved life, he loved life he had passion for his work, he did his work with integrity he did his work with a passion. And that's the way he loved his family as well. My brother loved people, loved people."

Mayor Earl Trapp, Mayor - SI/SE
"And I can tell you he was a loving father and a loving husband because I visited his home on several occasions and the way he treated his family is unprecedented."

A family man, from a strong family:

Sean Kuylen
"And every time we would have a barbeque and stuff what you think would happen, Garifuna drums would come out and a little facetime with his family in Los Angeles or Dangriga or wherever in the world, because it was always happy, jovial Henry Jemmott "king". Loved life to the maximum and if you want to know why they called him "king" it's because the marriage had lots of children and all of them were girls and he was the only one boy and that why he was the king, king of the house. last child and he was spoil."

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Henry's sister
"I called him the big small brother because he's the youngest of the family, but he's so big! And we look up to him for everything and they look up to me as the female for everything."

A big man, but as a boy, a drummer from Dangriga:

Sean Kuylen, Childhood friend
"We have been dancing and drumming from I was 7 years old and I as old as Henry Jemmott at the time of his passing, so that is a long time. We talk about dancing and stuff because we were on a band together which was the "Griga Boys Band" which I was the founding member. Jemmott was actually the shaka man and turtle shell man and Jemmott whap turtle shell until the stick broke."

For me, I will remember Jemmoth as a friend one who was very proud of his home and home improvements - this was the last video he sent me, showing off his new sliding gate:

Supt. Henry Jemmott
"This is how you do it like wah boss electric gate my boy. set up the timing right."

Sadly, he was far from that home when he found his end in another place he called his home:

Supt. Henry Jemmott
posted (December 13, 2016)

"You can come and have fun in San Pedro."

For Jemmott a night of fun turned into death - an unimaginable end for this officer:

Marie Jemmott Tzul, Henry's sister
"They have put a dagger in our hearts, we will pray for her as we are praying for his soul."

Channel 7

Marty #550684 06/08/21 11:07 AM
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Supt. Henry Jemmott died a happy man

Police Superintendent Henry Jemmott spent most of his last day alive doing what he loved most-fishing. On Thursday, May 27th, the deceased senior cop was the happiest man on the boat and wanted to repeat the fun the following day. Unfortunately, that was his last fishing trip, as hours later, he was shot dead in the early hours of Friday, May 28th, while socializing with Lord Michael Ashcroft's daughter-in-law-Jasmine Hartin. On May 31st Hartin was charged for Manslaughter by Negligence after she claims to have accidentally shot him.

Francisco 'Panny' Arceo, a senior Justice of the Peace, who had taken Jemmott on the fishing trip, said he was shocked when police called him with the news. Jemmott was one of his best friends. Arceo shared details of the last hours he spent with his dearest friend. When Jemmott, who was based in Belize City, arrived on the island on Wednesday, May 26th, he let his friend Arceo know he was in town, and they arranged the fishing trip. The following day at 9AM, they went out to fish. According to Arceo, Jemmott was in high spirits, contrary to reports that he was sad and stressed. Arceo said he was the best angler on that trip. "Every time he threw the line, a fish was hooked, and by the end of the trip, there were two buckets of fish," said Arceo. He said this had never happened before, and he was surprised by Jemmott's fishing luck that day. Arceo made it clear that there was no drinking during the fishing trip. Afterward, Jemmott came for dinner to his house around 7PM. Along with him was a gentleman named Manuel Pacheco, a jeweller who, in February 2020, got off Murder Charges. Arceo said that after dinner, Jemmott thanked him for the meal, and they planned on going fishing again the following day. Arceo joked with him, saying, "I am not taking you because you already caught two buckets of snapper, and you got your share." Arceo said Jemmott responded, "Ok, child, I will be here and take the boat by myself." Jemmott never told his friend Arceo where he was going or what he was doing that evening. Hours later, he was awoken by the terrible news.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

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Superintendent Jemmott to be laid to rest Saturday

Fallen police Superintendent Henry Jemmott will be laid to rest in Dangriga on Saturday. During Monday's press briefing A.C.P. Joseph Myette said many of his fellow officers have been affected by Jemmott's death.

ACP Joseph Myvette, Head, National Crimes Investigation Branch

"As is the norm, when it is a police funeral, they are given an official funeral. And a small participation is expected from across the country, bearing in mind the COVID measures that are still in place. So, indeed it is a fallen officer from within our ranks. We do sympathize with the family of the fallen officer. And indeed, some officers who were working with him are being affected as much as many of us are being affected by any fallen officers. Yes indeed, the normal police funeral procedures are being put in place while we prepare for that funeral."

Jemmott died on the early hours of May twenty-eight at San Pedro while out on a pier with a Canadian woman, Jasmine Hartin.� According to her statement to police, she claims they were drinking together when Jemmott's service revolver accidentally fired, a bullet hitting him in the back of the head.� She was charged with manslaughter by negligence and is out on bail pending trial.

Channel 5

Ag COMPOL Broaster Reflects on Jemmott

And while the Compol carries out duties in Costa Rica, his deputy DCP Broaster will take his place at the funeral of their fallen brother Supt. Jemmott.

And this morning I asked the acting COMPOL about his recollections of his friend and colleague Henry Jemmott. Here's that reflection.

Funeral For A Fallen Cop

Earlier this week, Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, explained what the funeral would entail procedurally. Of course, it will be a funeral with full police honours. Here's how he put it:

ACP Joseph Myvett, Head NCIB
"As is the norm when it is a police funeral, they are given an official funeral and a small participation is expected from across the country, bearing in mind the COVID measures that are still in place. So indeed it is a fallen officer from within our ranks and we do sympathize with the family of the fallen officers and indeed some officers who were working with him are being affected as much as a large number of us are being affected by any fallen officer. But yes indeed the normal police funeral procedures are being put in place whilst we prepare for that funeral."

We will have coverage of the funeral.

Channel 7

Marty #550790 06/12/21 11:43 AM
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State Funeral of Superintendent Henry Jemmott

The Belize Police Department, says its final goodbye on the "King" Henry Jemmott, Supt of Police. You are gone "King", but you will never be forgotten by those you loved, and those that loved you.
Sleep on for we will meet again.

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]


Supt. Henry Jemmott is laid to rest in his hometown of Dangriga

On Saturday, June 12th, the late Police Superintendent, 42-year-old Henry Jemmott was laid to rest with an official funeral in his hometown of Dangriga in southern Stann Creek District. Funeral services were held at the Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church under full official protocol provided by the Belize Police Department (BPD). The event was attended by the top brass of the BPD, minister the Honourable Kareem Musa was there as well as the Dangriga's police formation and police officers from across the country. Jemmott, a father of five children and a well-known senior cop was described by those close to him as a great friend and the most supportive human they ever met.

Jemmott's long- time friend Chef Sean Kuylen had the privilege of delivering the official eulogy for the fallen superintendent. According to Kuylen, Jemmott was an exemplary person, a family protector and irreplaceable friend. He remembered him as very diligent student, well discipline and proud of his Garifuna culture. Jemmott also had a tremendous love for sports and drumming. That dedication was transferred to his policing career where he climbed the latter with the aim of someday becoming the Commissioner of Police.

Click here to read the rest of the article in the San Pedro Sun

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A Spirited Sendoff For Supt. Jemmott

It's been a little less than 2 weeks since Henry Jemmott was killed in what's been called an accidental shooting on San Pedro. Since then, the mystery of what actually happened on that dark and deserted pier has been pondered on and presided over by every news outlet on either side of the Atlantic.

But behind the intrigue, the gear of the camera lens, and the headlines that have come to dominate Belize's most infamous manslaughter case, is a family that's experienced an unimaginable loss, a community that's mourning a beloved Cop, and a department grieving a respected senior officer. All that loss, came together on Saturday in Dangriga. Cherisse Halsall has more:...

It's been two weeks full of headlines featuring Jasmine Hartin the glamorous socialite turned femme fatale. But as the country and perhaps the world knows by now, when all was said and done, Hartin got out $30,000.00 bail. And fled to San Ignacio where she has to report daily to the police station.

But over the weekend, attention finally started to shift away from Hartin, focusing instead on the sendoff for her alleged victim, Henry Jemmott. That farewell started with a wake, one that in culture capital style might have gone Til da Mawning.

But it was so uninhibited that it had to be shut down due to Covid regulations via word from an out-of-country Commissioner of Police.

Although those who were there say it was really the rain that shut it down.

That mood changed from celebratory to somber when they reconvened by 10:00 the next morning at Dangriga's Sacred Heart Church.

But even grief was lightened with elements of joy, starting off with the words of Jemmott's childhood friend Sean Kuylen.

Sean Kuylen, Jemmott's childhood friend
"Where we stand right here if you look behind me it's the Caribbean sea, behind you to my right is the church, Sacred Heart. I met Henry Jemmott right here in Sacred Heart Church, I have, and I don't know if I should say this on camera but that coconut tree was where Henry Jemmott lost his manhood. These are the things that I know only and only he and I knew those things. Henry Jemmott lived right behind this school so he used to run home come back, and yes we grew up as childhood friends and that's where I ingrained the Garifuna in me the culture in me."

And Jemmott was celebrated not just by those closest to him, but, by so many more - the big man with the easy ways - had touched the lives of so many that funeral goers came from every walk of life, even these ghost riders from the west.

Pete Davis, Ghostrider
"I think all of us knew him from different times and different places and he was widely respected, we do support law enforcement and we thought we should support him in his funeral."

And outside the funeral we caught up with Fransico Arceo or "Pawny," the man who served as Jemmott's fishing captain on the last day of his life, we last spoke to him in the moments before Hartin was transferred from San Pedro to the Kolbe Foundation. But on Sunday he offered a pledge to Jemmott's family.

Fransico Arceo "Pawny", Family friend
"I will stand close to the family and openly say that I will help them with whatever comes, whatever comes."

"It's very heartbreaking but you know I am the one that always says that we in Belize City, we like that saying that what he got a top attorney and this and that happen and they are out on bail or whatever, but up there that's the one that doesn't charge and that's the biggest attorney, you don't escape. Still, it's not easy, i'm very heartbroken, I'm still broken up, I'm shaking."

As this big sister cradled her big baby brother for the last time, the raw, visceral sadness was thick in the air

Counterbalanced, though, by the rigid formality of the police protocols; the official acknowledgement that a cop of high standing had been killed

A man who had given his adult life to the Department - which he had ambitions to one day lead.

All those dreams, buried now, when the only male among 23 sisters, a man who was called "King", was finally laid to rest.

Sean Kuylen, Jemmott's childhood friend
"He didn't have 23 children but he had all girls 5, 4 girls one son just as faith would have it and all the middle names of these children are from his sisters and he had one son, the last one."

"Henry Jemmott the 3rd, so I call the man the Prince because there will only be one king but again the priest went and he blessed the child and he promoted him from Prince to King so he has big shoes to fil."

Channel 7

Man of many hats. Henry the Brother, The Protector & Friend, The Police 'Big Hog', Henry the Classmate and Henry the Dad....The King!

Chef Sean Kuylen

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