Looking to the future, S.S.B. announced the launch of its Peransa Project. S.S.B. says the project is an electronic delivery platform that will allow for ease of access to employees’ information using biometric technology.

Ward McGregor, Chief Information Officer

“The whole concept of the platform is to allow our customers, our employees, our employees to have a three-sixty view of all that concerns them. So, employers will be able to see everything about their business. Insured persons or customers will be able to see everything about their information. As it is our slogan is Social Security at your fingertips. It is literally at your fingertips because one of the initiatives that will be introduced over the coming weeks is biometrics. We will use your fingerprints to secure your information. This first phase we will be entering will be the collection phase. We can’t do anything to help using biometrics unless we collect information. In the next few weeks, we will be introducing that feature and then we will start the enrollment process.”

Channel 5