Prime Minister Briceno left the country yesterday en route to a bilateral meeting with President Alejandro Giammattei - his first official visit to Guatemala.

Well, that meeting took place today, and shortly after the two leaders gave a press conference and talked in very general terms about their hopes for trade and continued cooperation.

Here's what they said about their early morning meeting:

And while the two leaders gave speeches filled with hopes and platitudes, they said nothing whatsoever about the elephant in the room, the looming shadow of a territorial dispute that no bilateral negotiation, no matter how cordial, has ever been able to solve.

That dispute is now logged at the International Court of Justice in the Hague.

A press release says the two leaders discussed trade, security cooperation, implementation of bilateral agreements as well as migration and strengthening of CARICOM/SICA relations.

Prime Minister Briceno will also meet with Belizean students studying in Guatemala.

He returns to Belize on June 3.

Belize and Guatemala's Leaders Meet

Even as their two countries prepare to face off at the International Court of Justice over a long running territorial dispute, the Leaders of Belize and Guatemala met on Wednesday for talks they say are aimed at strengthening the ties of friendship and cooperation.

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