C.E.O. Leal told News Five that his ministry is working on policies behind the scene to upgrade the public transport industry. That includes getting bus operators to put more well-maintained buses on the highways and getting rid of broken-down buses. From a short-term standpoint, Leal says the focus is currently on the safety of commuters.

Marconi Leal, C.E.O., Ministry of Public Utilities, Energy and Logistic

"From a safety standpoint, we are more stringent in terms of the inspections that we do at the terminals. So, our terminal supervisors and assistant terminal supervisors are walking in these buses. They are doing the necessary checks to ensure that safety is there. And where there are opportunities for enhancement, for example the tires for busses, warnings are being issued if they are not being immediately addressed. But from a shorter-term standpoint and looking at the long term, there is a lot of efforts behind the scene where we are working on policies to address these things we know should have been in place for some time now."

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