Di Bruwry is Belize Brewing Company's latest seven-figure investment venture. Located just a short distance from the Phillip Goldson International Airport, the micro-brewery and restaurant venue is now open for Belizeans and foreign visitors.� The design of the venue's interior gives keen focus to the history and heritage of the company.� But, what they hope visitors are most excited to experience are all their different flavors of experimental beverages and foods. News Five's Paul Lopez toured the facility and filed the following report.

Nolan Michael, Brew Master, Belize Brewing Company

"Welcome to Di Bruwry, Belize Brewing Company and the home of Belikin. ��You can see that we are in the middle of a beautiful, state of the art facility as well as a facility that demonstrates some of the history and heritage od Belize Brewing Company in the country."

Paul Lopez, Reporting

Here, with a micro-brewery system, Belize Brewing Company is experimenting with beers. This facility has been in the making since 2017.

Nolan Michael

"It's a completely automated system where we can brew beer from beginning to end on this facility in smaller volumes of about a thousand liter per batch, which now allows us to be able to experiment. We can pretty much make any beer, any style from around the world at this time. We can invent our own local beer styles which is some of the things we are experimenting with right now. Bird pepper, orange, fever grass, anything that we want we can add to make brand. I can tell you, some of you would be amazed at what Belizeans ask us to make beer out of."

You will not be able to miss the six fermentations tanks sitting behind the bar. These tanks are filled with all the new types of beers being worked on at Di Bruwry.

Nolan Michael

"The original thought was that we need to be innovative, diversify our portfolio. We need a pilot system in order to do that."

And, the company also had a need for a place where they can welcome guests to learn more its history and heritage in the industry.

Nolan Michael

"Also, we also had a need. If you look at our previous facility, it was a industrial production compound. We never had a welcoming center where we could bring our customers, our consumers, tourist, guests, bring them into our facility, comfortably entertain them and tell them a little bit of our history. That became important to us. We decided, why not pair the two together? Why not pair a welcome center, the home of Belikin, the home of Belize brewing company, along with a pilot testing facility?"

And that is how Di Bruwry was born. Its doors were opened to the public on January fifteenth 2021.

Nolan Michael

"The investment we have made is for all Belizeans. We are welcoming them to the home of Belikin, to the home of Belize Brewing Company. We now have a visitor's center opened to the public. We hope to have all of them here, every single Belizean coming to visit. It is extremely exciting for us. We are extremely proud of it."

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