With our Bucket List talks we look to share with you expert insights into bucket list destinations, places to stay, adventures and experiences by interviewing travel experts and founders who share their tips, ideas and inspiration to help live your bucket list.

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Cliff and Rachael Wilson who are the founders of Belize Sailing Vacations a family run, full service yacht charter company offering all-inclusive sailing vacations in Belize. Cliff and Rachael will give us an introduction to what sailing along the world's second largest unbroken barrier reef, exploring sandy palm studded beaches, and discovering some of the world's best snorkelling, scuba diving, fishing, and kayaking sites would be like. They will help you imagine what a private sailing charter in Belize could be like.

Sailing Belize's calm waters and favorable trade windes offers you the ultimate opportunity to explore all that Belize has to offer with total flexibility and it has plenty to offer. Belize is a beautiful Caribbean nation with over 239 miles of coastline. It also is home to the longest barrier reef in the western hemisphere, a UNESCO World Heritage protected site and a world renowned snorkeling and scuba destination. It also has over 200 islands or cayes waiting to be visited and explored.

Sailing in Belize can include stopping at three of the four major atolls in the Caribbean, Glover's Reef, Lighthouse Reef and Turneffe as well as the famous Blue Hole an impressive 1,000ft-wide sinkhole ringed with coral. Belize is ranked as one of the top three dive destinations in the entire Caribbean and offers a rich marine paradise teeming with marine life in all sizes and shapes, including 70 types of hard corals, 500 species of fish as well as sharks, rays and dolphins.

In our talk Cliff and Rachael share their favorite places to take clients on one of their sailing charters, what a typical day would look like as well as a typical itinerary and the water based activities that are available. Get ready to be inspired to make Belize your next sailing destination.

To learn more about Belize Sailing Vacations you can head over to their website belizesailingvacations.com/ and instagram instagram.com/belizesailingvacations/