The Corozal Town Council is concerned with a recent public statement regarding its role in authorizing/permitting community events.

The Council wishes to clarify that under the Public Health Regulations, introduced due to the spread of COVID19, its role in authorizing community events in Corozal Town is superseded by the Ministry of Health (Public Health) and the Ministry of National Security (The Police Department). These two agencies have established strict protocols and criteria which must be met in order for any public event to be held.

Even the Council, when it holds its own events, must first submit its proposals and plans to the two Government Departments, before proceeding.

It is erroneous to claim that the Council must give permission for an event, in order for it to be held. In fact, even if the Council grants support, if the Government Departments decline permission, the event cannot proceed. Therefore, to avoid confusion, the Council recommends that any proposal for the holding of a public event must first undergo the scrutiny of the authorizing bodies.

In respect of the proposed Art in the Park community event, the Council has always supported the initiative and has not changed its stance. However, like any event, the organizers must first get the permission of the authorizing bodies BEFORE coming to the Council for support. This procedure is in place to avoid confusion.

The Council regrets any misinterpretation by the organizers of the event, and hopes that the Art in the Park initiative can resume as our community slowly returns to normalcy.